Furrytails Pet Spa Services

All  services include treats, water and bathroom walk. 

Please call in advance to secure the day that you need.  (especially around the holidays)

Weekly Service Tuesday - Friday - $7.00
7AM-9AM Pickup-------5:30PM - 7PM Drop off

Indulge in any of the following treatments:


F.P.S. Signature Package

$50.00 (small)     $60.00 (med)     $ 70.00 (large)

 *Complete brush out (up to 30 min) 
 *Ears Cleaned and Plucked              *Blueberry Facial                          *Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner  *Oral Care 
 * Nails Trimmed                                 *Fluff Dried         
 *Anal glands expressed                     * Optional bow and cologne.
*Parent's choice of hair style (includes skilled trimming, clipping an scissor finishing)

Weekly Retreats

$25.00 (small)     $35.00 (med)       $45.00 (large)

Does your pet need touching up and you can't find the time to do it?  This package is for you.  These clients come on the same day each week. We  keep them brushed, bathed and groomed so they always have a pawlished look.



Make your package special with the following additions.

Nail Polish - $5.00                        *Mud Bath - $10.00          

Hot Oil Treatment - $10.00           *Paw Cream - $5.00        

Creative Grooming - Ears and Tail - $20.00  

                     Full body designs are individually priced


Feline Boarding

 $10 per night


Mini Add-Ons

(does not include a hairstyle)
$25.00 (small)      $35.00(med)     $45.00 (large)

Complete brush out (up to 30 min.)      

Shampoo & Conditioner               *Blueberry Facial

Sanitary Trim                                *Anal Glands Expressed

Nail Trim

Optional Bow & Spritz


Additional Charges:

Cocker Spaniels - start at $60.00

Matted Shave Downs are an additional $10.00

Behavior challenged dogs are an additional $20.00
Fleas are treated at the discretion of Furrytails Pet Spa - $10.00

Standard size dogs start at $70.00 (including Labradoodles)

De-mat fees +$30.00 per 1/2 hour (starts after the first 30 minutes.)


Suite - $20/night for 1 Dog, 2 or more Receive a Discount

Double Occupancy - $30.00 Per Night
Holiday Nights are $25.00 per night
Check in/out anytime during regular spa hours.  
Monday check in/out at 9 AM or 5 PM
No check in/out on Sundays or holidays.
Extra charge for administering medications.
4 Nights earns a free bath pkg or 1/2 off grooming